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Games From Steam/XBLA that should have an IOS pot..

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11-27-2012, 04:08 AM
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Games From Steam/XBLA that should have an IOS pot..

Since bastion is such an amazing success as an IOS port I was wondering what games from steam or xbla should make the transition...Here are the games I thought of so far..

1.)Mark of the Ninja--I believe it will make a very good transition to our platform(so if the gaming gods can read this I wish they could make this happen because it will be awesome)..
2.)Torchlight--As I was looking at the previews of IBD,I cant help not to think about this game being developed for our devices..
3.)x-com enemy unknown--I dont know if its possible but I am hopeful and it could be the thing that redeems 2k games in our eyes due to the mistake which is borderlands legends..

Well how bout you guys??