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I have some questions regarding Apple's rules...

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11-27-2012, 11:55 AM
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Originally Posted by RoanHorse View Post
Alright, allow me to explain myself. I want to make a game about 'decking'. You know, hacking into stuff, the incredibly incorrect portrayal of hacking that the movies have been peddling since computers became a thing in the average American's home.
I want to do something like The Heist, where the player is contacted by an NPC. Specifically, I need a picture of the player for immersion. Taking it without their consent makes it a very surreal experience. The picture would not be uploaded to anywhere.
Immersion. The first time you (inevitably) fail, the application would crash. When you open it up again, you'd be contacted by an NPC expressing his/her worry over you 'going offline suddenly'.
I can understand now a 'bit' better about what you want to do but i'm sure you couldnt purposely crash an app. If that happened to me i probably would think 'forget this then' and move onto the next app. Surely you can 'simulate' a fake crash.

A game in the 80's (Brian Bloodaxe) would pretend to reset the computer after it was loaded but it had a slight change in the text for the 'reset screen' so you wouldnt instantly think 'damn' and reset your computer and try again.

So i would do a 'pretend' reset but make it obvious its part of the game and dont make it too authentic or there'll be lots of people moaning to Apple about the app.

As for the photo its very well saying it wont go anywhere else but you hear so many nightmare stories of corrupt Android apps, granted this is Apple but it would make people paranoid. And anyway i'm certain Apple wouldnt let you do this. In everyone of my 600 apps i have on my ipod the games which have a 'picture' of the player are just cartoon/fake ones, none of them need to have the photo of the player.

A game back in the 80's (The Hacker) was great, not many instructions, you had to work out what to do. Something similar would be good but i wouldnt go so far to get photos of the user or purposely crash the app. 'Pretend' to crash the app and go to a standard homepage of an ipod/iphone.