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Dark Asylum - A new point and click horror adventure game...

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11-29-2012, 02:39 PM
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Dark Asylum - A new point and click horror adventure game...

Good evening guys and gals...

Over at Stormy Studio we've been developing a new point and click adventure game for the past 2 years in between other projects.

Who's involved?
On the team we have myself (an award winning animator with 10 years experience :-) doing illustrations, animation, 3d modelling and programming.

Andre Govia a fantastic photographer who has given us access to his back catalogue of Asylum photos.

A Swiss games music composer named Jonas, and my wife Emma in charge of accounts, tea making and general morale.

What's the game?

It's a point and click adventure game with a big horror twist. All the rooms/locations in the game are 360, and you can swipe your way around them. We're exploring what makes a game truly terrifying, using light, shadows and a well honed story line that has shocks and tears mixed together. We'd love to hear your views on what you find makes a game truly scary.

The game when done will be released for ios, android, windows phone, mac and pc.

I'll post updates on the project here...as more final walk throughs, images, designs come together...

I know there's not much to see yet... but I'll post some videos of early prototype gameplay soon...

Stormy Studio - A small indie team of talented individuals...founded by me... (Jon Draper)

Check out and spread the word on our 'Dark Asylum' kickstarter page running this December ....and please like 'our page' on facebook to follow its progress.

Latest release 'Audio Invaders' - Headphones required for your survival!!