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had an update alert...now Everplay is putting ads in their games.

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11-29-2012, 07:37 PM
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had an update alert...now Everplay is putting ads in their games.

First, they went Freemium. Does it stop? Oh no. I hope no one even thinks about buying their upcoming game which got a mention on the TA front page.

EVERY game they have released so far, possible exception being some cow-tossing game, has gone freemium; with Spellsword, items cost both coins and gems now, and the prices were raised; pinch peeps went freemium as well (then apparently went back to being a paid app), now adverts are in the update.

Everplay had a chance to be a respected ios developer. No more. Don't buy their games if you value digital rights, honest salesmanship, or the future of ios gaming.

Tell your friends not to buy or download their apps. Post on Facebook. Warn people on Twitter. It's the only way to get though to these knuckleheads that it will cost more money to completely rebrand themselves; that reputation is earned, and shouldn't be squandered; that revenue gained by forsaking a loyal customer base hurts more than it helps in the long run.

Everplay, I warned you before. Your name is MUD.

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