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Any of you guys readers?

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11-30-2012, 06:05 AM
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Any of you guys readers?

In addition to gaming and other things, I really enjoy reading. This summer I reread through the Harry Potter books, being very bored, then went through Animal Farm and 1984 in addition to the Hunger Games and Fail-Safe. Tried plowing through The Idea of a University but I just couldn't

Then from this Fall onwards I've been doing a lot more serious reading, went through all of Dan Brown's novels (I really like his writing style and originality of plots; take Da Vinci Code for what it's worth to you) and currently reading through the Universe Next Door, John Locke - finished Two Treatises of Government and am now on The Reasonableness of Christianity - and Conan Doyle, The Man with the Twisted Lip (planning on reading though the rest of the Sherlock Holmes ASAP, no clue why I haven't before). Recently went through all of Joel Rosenburg's novels too, they're fairly good but the plots are moderately generic and there is little character development or really any interesting characters during the span of maybe a dozen 300-500 page books. Still occupied me on CD while doing dishes though

Other books I've really enjoyed in the past year or so have been Plato's Republic, the Greek classics such as the Iliad and Ainied (forget how to spell that one), Island on Bird Street, Hunger Games (fantastically well-written), Lord of the Rings, Run Baby Run, Mark Twain's books (especially Tom Sawyer), How Green was my Valley, Anne of Green Gables, Silas Marner, The Screwtape Letters (FUNNY!) and a bunch of others that I can't think of right now. I've been told the Game of Thrones books are really fantastic and I like the genre, might pick those up sometime, too. Also I need to finish Lord of the Flies. A few Dickens novels are also on my "to check out from library" list, too. I'll also read almost anything related to the Holocaust, biographies preferably.

So, any of you like to read? If so, what genres or authors?

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