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iPad: Sky Island- Glitch Game Studios

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12-01-2012, 05:17 PM
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Sky Island- Glitch Game Studios

Available on The App Store for iPhone and iPad!

The APP Company is proud to announce it's latest title brought to you by Glitch Game Studios- Sky Island. This thread will serve as a brief introduction to the game, and as a place where you can ask questions and leave comments. There is also a preview to a one-level flash based game so you can try it out for yourself. Please let us know what you think or ask questions.

You are taken to the world of Sky Island, a land inhabited by strange creatures whom are in a war with each other. You don't know much besides that you must choose a faction- blue (good) or red (evil). The side you chose will effect how you progress through the game. This may include changes in scenery, enemies, and more.

Youtube link | Pop Up

To conquer each level, launch your faction into the enemy you are against so that they will drop a key. Then, you get the key and launch into the locked exit of each level.

Here is a one level preview so you can try it out for yourself! The demo will not run properly in Google Chrome. Click on the link below to open the demo:

Sky Island One-Level Demo

There are plenty of other features that are not mentioned in this introduction to the game. Since it is still a beta it would probably be best to keep a lot of it a surprise. This thread will also be updated as Sky Island comes closer to release.

Sky Island was developed by Glitch Game Studios. They are the makers of Tick Flick and a mysterious project only known as Pixel Planet

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