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TurtleStrike – Live Turn Based Competitive Multiplayer Coming to Mobile Devices

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12-04-2012, 09:59 AM
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TurtleStrike – Live Turn Based Competitive Multiplayer Coming to Mobile Devices

Hey guys!

Do you remember the times playing Battleships? Carefully positioning your fleet or trying to put all ships together in kinda suicidal mix? Do you remember the feeling, perfectly hitting bazooka shot in a game of Worms? Do you have fond memories of all the board games you have played, pushing your soldiers across the battlefield? Those were the days, eh? Well, now you don’t need to just sit around and remember those great moments. You can experience all this once again in TurtleStrike!

Here’s a list of a few features :
- iOS/Android Multiplayer Strategy; Live Turn Based (both players plan their moves at the same time and turn is then resolved simultaneously)
- Skill-based competitive gameplay with regular tournaments and prizes up to US$1000
- Free to Play, but not Pay to Win; Weapon upgrades are more like “sidegrades”. That better weapon might not be better for your strategy at all¨

So how does it work?

Both you and your opponent start with 10 turtles and first player who manages to wipe all enemy turtles wins. But before the game starts, you have to place your turtles into 3 formations. You can customize different shapes of formations – as long as your turtles are touching side to side.

Ok, you have your turtles in place, now what? Each formation can do one of the following actions during each turn:

Move - Free move, no more squares
Shoot a Missile – usually a short ranged ballistic weapon.
Shoot a Torpedo - a long ranged signature weapon that can be guided around islands and obstacles by “painting” on your touch screen.

There are also special moves:

Shield – each group can shield itself only once per match; turtles in a chosen formation hide inside their shells, making themselves invulnerable for that turn.
Use Secret Special Weapon - cooldown-based unique abilities that can completely change the outcome of the match

We have a lot of nice concept art on our page:
Click image for larger version

Name:	Turtle_Strike.jpg
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Name:	Multibarel_Platform.jpg
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Click image for larger version

Name:	Concept3D3.jpg
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And the first screenshots of our recent alfa build:
Click image for larger version

Name:	10b.jpg
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Name:	12.jpg
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You can check out the game at www.turtlestrike.com

We are trying something new on mobile devices (Competitive multiplayer! Constant balancing! Tournaments! Prizes!) and we would love to hear your feedback. So tell us what do you think so far?