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Once Touch - 12 promo codes to give away - exclusive for Touch Arcade members

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12-05-2012, 01:02 AM
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Once Touch - 12 promo codes to give away - exclusive for Touch Arcade members

Originally Posted by daguo View Post

#1 Paid Music Game in China

★★★★★ "the best music game of this year!" - SShek
★★★★★ "It's a great union of game and music!" - we.asplin

An enjoyble game that helps you relax.

When you have iPhone in hand to play a game, all you want is to relax a bit. However, 5 minutes later you seem more exhausted after fighting mobs, solving puzzles and leveling up.

That's why we created Once Touch, a game that really makes you relaxed. A single tap is all you need to go through a level.

We created different chapters based on constellations. Each chapter comes with different soundtrack fitting its characteristics.

In addition, we have two special modes

Challenge: If you are the "challenge and exhaust me" type, this is tailored for you. More opportunities are given in this mode. Compete with your friend and see who lasts the longest!

Endless: It's not like the "endless" mode in every other game where you will eventually fail and end, here you just have to tap once and the music will go on until you stop it. Whether when you are writing, reading, meditating, walking or just doing nothing, listen to this, it will make you relaxed.

You're just one tap away from enjoying and relaxing with Once Touch.

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/once-touch/id553150037
We are going to give away 3 promo codes per day in the following 4 days(Wed to Sat). Once you mentioned Once Touch on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Linkedin/Path or any other places, you just need to put the link or the screenshot here to get the chance for a code. If you didn't got the code in the first day, you will still have the chance in the following days.

And if you enjoyed the game, you may write some words about how it feels, on any social platforms as well and then put it here. We will pleasantly present you another code, you may share it with your friend.

We hope that everyone have fun with sharing, your comments are really important for us.

Day 1: @nerdherd @typeday @tootie
Day 2: @Bartow @Greyskull @Dalei

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