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Very Basic Gun Hazard style game questions

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12-08-2012, 09:01 AM
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Very Basic Gun Hazard style game questions

Ok, I had an idea for a game like Assault Suits Valken (Cybernator) and Front Mission: Gun Hazard. I have been looking on the App Store for a while and have never found anything like that. However, my only programming experience (C,C#,Java) is primarily with databases and e-commerce. Being unwilling to pay for help before I had the rudimentary playstyle worked out, I have some (VERY BASIC) questions:

1. What would be the best 2D engine for a game like this and where can I get sample code?
I am seriously considering the cocos2d toolchain but am willing entertain others.

2. Even with tools like cocos should I be thinking about building a level designer to make things easier on myself? (Also if I want to bring in help…)

3. Is there someplace one can get free 2d mech parts, tiles, and backgrounds for testing? (I don't want pay for an artist,sound designer, etc until I am sure what I am doing is possible. Although where can I start looking once the PoC is done is a good question.)

3. Alternatively, does anyone know of a mech model series that doesn't have any other media attached to it that I could steal from? (TV, Movie, video game, etc. I figure in a pinch I can just trace parts in photoshop.

I just want to put together a few small levels (average action level in Gun Hazard is only takes about 1'30" to complete moving left to right, bosses about double that (barring have a wrong weapon), mazes… much much longer)

I figure 2 test levels and a test boss fight would be a good proof of concept.

Also, any 2d game design help, forums, books would be greatly appreciated.