Game Designer needed [Bladko]

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12-11-2012, 04:09 PM
Game Designer needed [Bladko]


Who we are ?
Bladko, small indie dev from Poland. GMT +1

How we work ?
Corona SDK, so far iOS only (Lua based)

What we have done so far ?
4 apps and one crippled :P

Who are are looking for ?
Game designer with some codding skill (optional), best to work with pen and pencil, and have an experience in iOS simple, multiplayer apps.

For what kind of project ?
Two level arcade game like x-com (in structure not in theme) with top layer of some strategic map (like risk) and bottom layer with simple arcade game (like physics game). Everything turned based multiplayer based on service.

We have graphic, sound, music, codding, screenplay resources so design is a need.


More info about Bladko