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12-14-2012, 05:56 PM
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No thanks, not even downloading this, I was on pocketgamer earlier and they've done the math, if you want all the characters and songs then this thing will cost 104.00.

I'm a huge fan of Square Enix's iOS stuff, I've paid for all the Chaos Rings games, I've purchased Final Fantasy 3 and the World Ends With You but the strategy they've taken up with Theatrythm is obscene. The 3DS version on amazon UK is 19.18, and has about 80 songs, in iOS money that's 55.20 (0.69 per song x 80)

I'm sure some people are enjoying this and that's fine, but I really am not going to give Square a penny as I don't want to encourage them further.
12-14-2012, 06:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Athos View Post
So I really adore those the old FF tunes. And it's nice that this game is more challenging than the similarly simple Groove Coaster...

...but there isn't nearly enough meat to this game. None of the various elements:

distance traveled, monsters killed, mogs encountered, full combo, SSS's, gold crowns

None of that stuff matters at all.

With a game like Jukebeat or Tone Sphere I can just enjoy trying to master songs one at a time, but Theatrhythim is different. It really needed more structure.

Even Demons' Score does fighting better - beat the song to beat the enemy. Here the fights going on might as well be a screensaver. Ugh.
Demon Score is a great game... The only thing holding that one back was the IAP, but since it's on sale, i got everything i have access to. Getting everything unlocked (IAP pacts) only costs $18, which pretty much makes the game a premium at that price.

This one, too much. The pricing is ridiculous, being more expensive (in total) than even some premium PC and Console titles.

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12-14-2012, 11:24 PM
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People can argue 'they're giving us choice' all they want, but the fact of the matter is, they're still selling a game in pieces for over 100. You may as well just go and buy a preowned 3DS and copy of the game for that money; you may not *want* a 3DS, but you'd be getting more for what you've spent.

Edit: And of course, you could always sell or trade in the 3DS and game again afterwards, at least reclaiming some of that money if you wanted to.

I'm aware that not all of the iOS content is on the 3DS store yet, but you at least get around 50 songs for the 20 you spend on the 3DS version of the game. From the looks of things, that amount would only get you about half of that on the iOS version. And of course, you didn't need to buy the additional characters at the time of release on the 3DS either; but you got at least all bar 10 with the game.

Just give me a flat price point of 20 for the 3DS cartridge's worth, and I'd be happy, and I'd probably even shell out more. But at present, I don't feel comfortable with spending in bits and pieces, however much I like Final Fantasy's music. (Which is a shame, as I would love to play One-Winged Angel's Advent Children rendition, but I don't want to support an aggressive IAP scheme.) And with the lack of box, features (I know stereoscopic 3D can't be toted by the iPhone/Pad, but at least it was something the 3DS version had), cutscenes and even a physical copy (not to mention the licensing for Nintendo which is a large part of it), this seems needlessly over the top.

I'll still be buying FFIV when it comes out, even if it comes out at a 'premium' price of a 'regular' 10 - 20 Squaresoft game, but however much people want to defend Square, they're not doing the right thing here. They've cut up a 20 game into a 100 monstrosity. I'd be happy to spend the 3DS' worth on it (even if at least half of that went into licensing, box, manual etc.), but they couldn't even do that.

Edit: And according to a few articles, the 3DS version, including extra content, would add up to $81.50, totaling 128 songs, versus the iOS' $143 for 111? Maybe they've miscounted, or swapped them around? I assumed the iOS version had gotten more songs.

And lastly, "At least they've ported it to the iOS, be grateful," isn't a logical or legitimate argument. Just because they've ported it doesn't mean it will be a success at that price; I shouldn't have to praise the stars that a company did something I asked them to that might make them money. It's a sensible choice to bring it to the iOS, as it's an even larger market than the 3DS or Vita. It isn't smart to charge five times the cost of the original game for all of the content (or an extra $60 when compared to the $88 of the fully-stocked 3DS version, whichever).

And I know I'm switching around a lot in terms of currencies, but I use , and most of the articles I've found have been in $, so I'm going by Pocket Gamer and NeoSeeker.

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12-15-2012, 12:26 AM
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Well said, but there are always going to be apologists for any company. Their opinions are negligible.
12-17-2012, 12:16 AM
Game Impressions

I get s or ss on every song on easy (I have 22 songs so far) but can barely keep up on the hard level, seems like there should be a "normal" mode between easy and hard. I checked out the Compose section but didn't try it yet because I couldn't figure it out. I wanted to download some user made versions of some of my songs but couldn't find any. I do enjoy playing through the songs and have made it through easy and medium quests so far. I don't understand a lot about this game, but I am enjoying it anyway and hopefully as I play more I will figure some things out. Most of this thread is about the cost of songs, etc. very few about game and gameplay. If anyone knows more about the composing side, where or how to get user made songs to play, or just gameplay tips and comments, I'd love to read more about it. Anyway, overall I think the game is quite fun. I have played through Symphonica and still enjoy playing the songs trying to get better scores.
12-17-2012, 02:12 AM
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Love Final Fantasy but not this stupid ass business model. The thing comes with two levels WTF I hate what Squaresoft has become.
12-17-2012, 03:12 AM
Some questions for this iOS version. Well theories actually that I need help to confirm.

1: Doing well enough on a FMS with a leader that has good agility ends up finding a Moogle at the en of the stage. In the 3DS version that was how you won items. It doesn't seem to have any meaningful effect on the iOS version.

2: There's a counter for boss mobs defeated in BMS that also seems to do nothing really.

3: The 3DS version had markers in the FMS that determined how many bosses you could fight in the BMS. I see none.

4: New monsters appear when you buy IAP (bundles) and DLC (songs). Or maybe just the bundles? For example I didn't get Anima until I got the FFX pack.

5: So far I'm only getting CollectaCards for characters and mobs that I can use or encounter. This plus 4 & 5 could destroy the only argument for this pricing model. I don't mind not having songs I'm not interested but I'm bored of seeing the same mobs again and again.

Finally here's a tip. Try downloading IAP and DLC using 3G. I had terrible trouble with wifi.
12-18-2012, 08:02 AM
has anyone ever tried to reset their characters once it reached max lv 99? i leveled up mine and wondering if i should reset it. is it going to be the same as the normal lv 1 character?

i hate the fact that the game does not allow me to change abilities, i wanna use their limit breaks so badly
12-25-2012, 11:41 PM
Please add story mode and ems music stage like 3ds

You can add story mode and ems music stage as in app purchase

Many people and my friends in my country want to buy it

Thx very much ^^
01-19-2013, 12:48 AM
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Can someone please tell me what the gold crowns are, how do you get them and what they are for?