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What do YOU look for in a platform game?

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12-15-2012, 11:15 AM
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What do YOU look for in a platform game?

So I've gathered a few fans and followers with AWESOME Land and MANOS, and I another few are in the works for 2013, many bigger or more complicated, but I'm curious. What do you, personally, look for in your platform games? What makes them stand out and ensure that you buy them?

For me it's the structure - iOS games tend to do the Angry Birds thing, throw hundreds of tiny levels at you which go past faster than you can blink and rank your performance. I always think a platform game stands out when the developer shifts focus to the variety of the experience - so that you don't spend too long in one world, focusing on the same backdrops in a different layout for 10-20 different levels before you get to see anymore. I prefer the console-style platformer, where worlds tend to be varied and contain boss battles. Usually if a platform game on iOS shows screenshots of boss battles and variety then I'll pick it up.

But what about you? What makes a platform game stand out for you, and what do you think iOS is lacking in the genre?