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Sand Flame: Vengeance (by imohoo)

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12-17-2012, 02:18 PM
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Sand Flame: Vengeance (by imohoo)

You are United States Navy SEAL Chief Jake Ryan. You and a small band of U.S. Navy SEAL special forces have been sent into the deserts of Afghanistan to destroy terrorists and capture their leaders. You will face many terrifying enemies along the way—from terrorists who hide behind long range turrets to suicide bombers who strap explosives onto their bodies. Facing these perils may be a daunting task, but you are a U.S. Navy SEAL.

Let’s move out!

  • Awesome Cartoon Style - Stylish cartoon concept and 3D graphics will put you into an immersive world and bring you an unreal experience.
  • Visual Experience - Each level is designed with different type of speical effects from realtime reflection to sphererical harmonics light probes. You don't have to understand the technical side of things behind our rendering pipline, all you have to know is that this visual experience Rocks!
  • Thrilling Missions - Diversified map scenes and different mission levels are designed on the information from real geographical data to create an atmosphere of fire storm. The story board gives the game a movie rating visual effect on the phone. We made the detail the very, very best it could be. Each firearm is present with intuitive performance.
  • Multiplayer Combat - As a single player game, it also supports global multiplayer system. Not only you will be tested to complete campaign to fulfill your hero's destiny, but also you will be tested against your friends. The weapon of the single player mode can also be used in the multiplayer mode. You cannot purchase rare arms until you receive exclusive level in the multiplayer system.
  • Distincitive Gameplay - You can practice your snipping skills in the default plot of multi-mode switch. You will experience driving mode and also get a chance to experience an exciting speed in Afghan city