iPhone: QUANTUM CAT by Glass Software ^__^

12-18-2012, 03:37 AM
QUANTUM CAT by Glass Software ^__^

Hey everyone!

We just released our first iOS game into the App Store and wanna know what you guys think!

It's an iOS game about space, fashion and cats.

Gameplay video:

Launch promo:

iTunes Link:


Facebook Page:

Some background info on Quantum Cat:

- it started as small project for me and a few buddies of mine to learn how to make games
- feature creep, realities of game development, impending graduation, and pressure to get jobs made us decide to develop it into a commercial product
- it's for iOS only at the moment
- we wanted to make a small, arcadey game with a high skill-cap
- basic gameplay involves using your slow time ability to chain boosts together, dodge obstacles, and fight bosses
- the aesthetic draws from contemporary streetwear, Russian-era spacesuit design, and classic sci-fi tropes
- it's a casual game, but it also includes a leveling system, character stats, random item drops, currency, crafting, blueprints, and upgrading. mainly because we love this kinda thing.
- so t-shirts give you armor and can let you slow time and stuff. yeah.
- theres 36 sectors, 4 bosses, and 250-ish items in the current version, with more planned

Some background info on me:

- I'm the lead designer
- I like hard games like Ikaruga, Demon's Souls, and Super Hexagon
- Just graduated art school and am currently poor

Anyway I'd love to hear what TA thinks about the game. Our experience in game design is literally 'played a lot of video games as kids' so we're completely open to suggestions and criticism. We're prepared to support this with new content, player suggestions, and additional features for as long as it takes to make it good.

Hope you guys like it!


P.S. Check out the website!

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12-18-2012, 03:52 AM
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Congrats on your first game, had a look at the gameplay video, looks very polished and professional. Is it tilt only ? What are the controls ?

Hope you do well with it, must admit its not my 'cup of tea' as i cant stand games with 'fashion' in them, presume thats to cater for a larger audience but i'm 'old skool' and just want to play a game without worrying what clothes my character has on! But perhaps i'm in a minority ?!

Congrats though, must be great having your first game on the app store
12-18-2012, 04:06 AM
Thanks man!

It definitely feels pretty great to have our first game released. The 'fashion' component in the game is actually pretty heavily integrated into the gameplay as every piece of gear actually has 5 different stat values, armor, fuel, agility, pickup radius, and quantum power meter (yeah, including like, tshirts and stuff). And each piece is craftable and upgradable too, so it might be more old school than it appears

On top of that, if eccentric boutique fashion isn't your cup of tee, there are also many spacesuits, helmets, and armors to choose from which were inspired by 60's era cosmonauts and of course, classic, hard sci-fi

I'm a huge fan of super hardcore games like Demon's Souls and Ikaruga (played a lot of Diablo II back when it was big) so part of the goal behind this game was to inject some of that replayability and depth from old-school games and give it a more casual or accessible veneer.

I'd urge you to give it a shot (since it's free) but if not, thanks so much for the encouragement man!! Hugely appreciated!!!

*edit* forgot to answer the question, yeah it's tilt only!

Also here's some more images!

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