Promo Codes for Buddha Finger by Lady Shotgun

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12-18-2012, 04:21 AM
Promo Codes for Buddha Finger by Lady Shotgun

Hello all!

Lady Shotgun (that's me, and my awesome team of fellow developers ) just released an update for the iOS Universal game Buddha Finger which has had a little shout out on the Forums here I believe - after we showed the game at in the Indie Game Arcade section of the Eurogamer Expo.

So, a perfect time to give away some Promo codes! I'll give them out to the first 3 replies requesting one, so everyone knows when they've gone. [URL=""]Here[/URL]'s some info on the game. The artstyle is rather "love it or loathe it" ([URL=""]Eurogamer [/URL]dug it, called it "lo-fi punk intense" which is EXACTLY what we wanted!) nearly everyone that plays it enjoys it though so hoping you good people will too.

EDIT - I just gave out my 3 spare codes so I hope they went to the good homes, this is my first go at actually posting to the TA forums so was a bit all fingers and thumbs! Anyway, if you used a code and liked the game I'd appreciate a nice mention for it Cheers All!

[URL=" WbZfrTGIA&index=1"]Here[/URL]'s a video. And heres a picture of the lovely Chainsaw Lady

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