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Opinion about Corona SDK from native iOS developer or Unity

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12-20-2012, 06:11 AM
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Granted, there are probably many game apps (educational/learning) I could build that would still be perfectly fine in Corona (which I will probably be asked to do if the business app works out solid), but for a 'real' game, i'd personally be extremely leery to do Corona.
Looking at the Top Grossing games in the App Store I think at least 70% of the top 50 games there could have been done with Corona SDK. 3D stuff, hard-core racing games, stuff like that are not a good fit for Corona, but most casual games, adventure games, board/card games, etc., are.

Yes, there are "dead-ends" that can bite you if you don't know about them going in (such as, if you *must* use iAds, forget Corona) but as long as you're aware of the limitations (not as many as some make it out to be) you can go a long way with Corona. For both games and biz-type apps.


PS - I sell tutorials and tools for Corona SDK developers, but if I didn't think it was "the best" thing overall I'd switch to something else. I play with everything -- and keep coming back to Corona.

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