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Old 12-20-2012, 12:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Isilel View Post
Will Dragoon be useful even without the stolen ultimate lance? I have bitten the bullet and looked into the Faq in detail and there is no way I'd start grinding a Thief to level 71 now.
Also, can the Thief steal Antarctic Wind, etc. or only the items that can be bought in shops?
Difficult question, because I am not au fait with all the weapon and armour upgrades the various classes receives or stats. There are a couple of reasons:
1. Red Mage begins to struggle in mid-game [Fire Crystal onwards]
2. Saronia practically forces you to change jobs in terms of providing equipment
3. Lances and spears are good against flying creatures
4. Jump ability provides damage multipliers (especially flying creatures / bosses)
5. As L.Lawliet states, lovely character model

Stealing Gungnir is the cherry on the top. Be advised, that the GameFAQ job guide mentions that lance / spear upgrades are a lot less frequent than swords. Also, the big disadvantage of Jump, is whilst your Dragoon is invulnerable whilst jumping, damage is only performed at the end of the 2nd round - and there is a 1 in 3 chance that one of your squishies will get hit.

Thief can steal magic such as Antarctic Wind and upgrades from creatures, and other canned magic. Helps in Boss fights. Also, my Thief is now job level 99, and has the highest defense in my party! Better than both my Dragoon and Knight. In fact, during the fight with Garuda, my Thief tanked the damage until my Dragoon delivered 5.5k of damage with Jump. Fight over in 3 rounds.

As mentioned earlier, depending on equipment finds / upgrades, you're almost forced to choose certain jobs. I'm not switching my Thief until Ninja is available.

Originally Posted by Isilel View Post
The Faq says, though, that the weight the party carries slows them down in combat - ouch. I now see why the giant chocobo is there.

Also, It turns out that only the Ranger can use elemental arrows... sigh. This does make the Red Mage less useful.
I do not believe that weight was introduced in the iOS version. Hence, no reason to use the Fat Chocobo (although I love the comedic music score).

You are almost arm-twisted into using certain jobs by equipment upgrades. The Red Mage stops getting weapon upgrades until end-game and falls behind power curve. Also, half the MP of a Black or White Mage. I really started to notice the Red Mage fall behind during Fire Crystal stage when random encounters ramp up in difficulty.
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