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Graphics retina display - iphone 4 & 5 ?

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12-21-2012, 12:40 AM
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Graphics retina display - iphone 4 & 5 ?

Hi gurus

Can someone please advise the canvas size specs I need to design at in photoshop , to cater for all iphone models and retina display for iphone 4 & 5?.

My initial thoughts was to provide my developer with 3 graphic sets at the following resolution/canvas size:

320 x 480px - iphone 3
640x960px - iphone 4
1136x640px - iphone 5

HOwever after speaking with my developer he said I have to provide 6 sets of files ! being the above mentioned 3 plus another three sets at the above specs multiplied by 2 , being
(320 x 480px) x 2
(640x960px) x 2
(1136x640px) x 2

(ANd he wants to charge me more money for development too, because of extra layout files he has to create..or something)

Is he correct?

Could he possibly be confused because when the new iphone 4 retina display came out, the practise was to double the standard resolution at that time (320 x 480px) x2 , to correctly provide for the iphone 4 resolution/canvas size at 960x640. I think he is still applying this principle to get specs for the iphone 5 canvas size. Which I think is wrong because if you design at canvas size 1136x640 , this already caters for the new iphone 5 retina display. Also by providing him with a file 640 x 960 this already caters for the iphone 4 retina display. I don't get why he wants me to double everything ?!