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Old 12-21-2012, 01:49 AM
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Default Pocket God 1.47 - Apocalypse Ow! (final content update)

Hey Guys,

This is it, the last episode of pocket god. The apocalypse is destroying the world and there will be no more (content) updates. As a team we are transitioning to doing more new apps and less content updates. We've been working on Pocket God for 4 years straight and we are dying to do some new creative stuff. So far the app has 47 content updates over 4 years which averages out to 1 update a month. Even though the last year worth of updates has been slower, the first 14 were done weekly so it gave us an advantage on our average.

Since Pocket God came out, Allan and I have had a ton of ideas for new games set in the Pocket God universe. The runs is one such game that we are working on now and we have a few more that we really want to work on as well. We've realized over the last few years that as long as we are updating PG and PGU we will never get enough time to work on them and make them as cool as we would like. So we are fully committing to these new apps.

That said, when I say no more content updates I mean we wont do full episodes. The Runs will still take a lot of time even if we are focusing on it 100% so we will keep doing skin packs in the main PG app from time to time. Maybe every 3-4 months just to keep the app alive and making revenue while we finish the runs. We will try and sneak in some new skin types but no promises, we have to stay focused on the runs.

Ok. So now that that is out of the way, this update is pretty awesome. We are really happy with the way it turned out. It's about twice the normal content compared to the other updates. It's also set up in a mini-adventure game format where you have to figure out how to unlock the next step in the story.

The new chamber is called the closet chamber and in it we are introducing our new guest pygmy personality Tom! Tom has the need for speed, would love it if you showed him your money and lives in a closet that he really doesn't want to come out of. the first step is that you have to figure out how to get him out of the closet because he slams the door shut as soon as you try to open it. we also have a thetan meter in the room that you can put your pygmy in that will blow up the pygmy and eject new thetans in the wild. You can drag the thetans around and have them possess new pygmies.

The next step is to figure out how to open the final temple door which leads to the apocalypse room. (not going to spoil all the details here). Inside the apocalypse room you need to summon lord Xenu which will start the actual apocalypse. You can feed your pygmies to Lord Xenu and he loves to put on a nice puppet show once in a while.

During the Apocalypse, a bunch of Evil Thetans take over all the islands. When these Thetan's possess a pygmy, the pygmy will pounce on a fellow pygmy and either beat him silly or bite his face off. If two possessed Pygmies face each other, they will start a fight that culminates in a slap fest.

In this update we also have a Zombie Pack where we skin all the animals as Zombies. We included a couple new animals that wasn't part of any old packs. The Locust Queen, the Monkeys and the Giant Ape.

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