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TA's OFFICIAL GotY List Discussion

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12-21-2012, 01:16 PM
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TA's OFFICIAL GotY List Discussion

Ok, so TA just announced their top games of the year. Long story short:

Winner: Waking Mars
Runner Up: 1000000 (I hope I got the correct number of 0s)
Consolation: Devil's Attorney, Super Hexagon, The Room

What do you guys make of the list? Personally, I thought Waking Mars was a good title, but I'd really rate it 4/5. It is different, unique and polished, but really...there was something lacking in the core gameplay. I found it to be too slow for my liking.

I never played the runner-up. Devil's Attorney....I can understand it being on the list. Extremely fun, creative and loads of cheap humour. Super Hexagon too, surely deserves to be on that list.

So, is this a good GotY list, or a little poor from the guys running the show around here?