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SquareEnix Wishlist/Realistic list

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12-25-2012, 12:27 PM
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SquareEnix Wishlist/Realistic list

As we all saw FFV is coming to ios, along with other squareenix or final fantasy games. This is easy, make a list of 5 games you want from square and then a list of 5 games you expect. Include reasons if you want.

1 FFVI - duh
2 Secret of Evermore - I LOVED this game, but I doubt it gets remade. It just did not sell well.
3 FFIX - no chance, but another game I loved.
4 FFVII - Same as 9, maybe in a couple years, as phones get more powerful.
5 Chronotrigger : Crimson Echoes - I know this WILL never happen. But I have played it, and they did a great job. (they being not square.)

Realistic List
1 FFVI - just the natural progression of things. 6 follows 5
2 FF Mystic Quest - I feel this game has to be an easy to port, and they might throw this out there as a starter RPG or nostalgia.
3 Breath of Fire - just a feeling. This should probably be on my Wishlist too:
4 Final fantasy 4 the After years - another feeling, but already a DS game, I see this being ported.
5 final fantasy tactics a2 - yeah!