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Square/Enix announcement on 12/12/12: secret title "Star"!

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12-26-2012, 08:30 PM
Joined: May 2012
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In the rare case that anyone is still looking, the beta has ended, and it was overall a pretty confusing affair.

The artwork for the cards were very well done, but it was hard to know how effective a card is compared to another in combat.

Resource management for base building was still alright, but there seemed so much leeway that you don't really know what to do after the tutorial.

The novelty that this game adds is that players of all three fractions spawn together on a single huge grid based map and fight each other for territory. Sadly this seems to involve only moving your own spaceship(s) that you load with your character cards, and then moving to and clearing enemies in a particular grid you want to take over.

There are some other interesting plays, like how different types of spaceships allow for different types or number of cards, and how you can automatically combine fleets with other players or set up barriers for an area, but unless something more is given before the release, I doubt I'll be going back.