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Chaos Rings III (by SQUARE ENIX)

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12-28-2012, 12:44 PM
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Chaos Rings III (by SQUARE ENIX)

I know what your thinking. [this Hambo guy always post up threads without a source or link, etc] yeah but this is true, i promise. On Wednesday which is 2 days ago, on the Square Enix Japan website i was browsing through as usual. (Chocobo Noun, Otome Break, Etc) i saw on one of there post it said on the front page -

『ケイオスリングス III』

Also on the mobile games it showed a photo of the Words Chaos Rings III next to TWEWY and Final Fantasy IV. But then on Thursday i went back on the website and it disappeared, the photo and the post. So maybe they accidentally release it, so they took it back.

Also a guy on the forum said

"Unfortunately I don't have a source, but read an interview where they said there were definite plans for continuing the series. They also said that they weren't against some kind of portable port, but that their primary focus for the seres was smartphones/iOS."

Tried to search for the interview, but couldn't find it. Sorry for that!

And im sure that Chaos Rings 3 is already here, just need to wait till 2013 to release it, because Chaos Rings 2 already came out in 2012.

I love the chaos rings series, and i know there will be more in the series. Love chaos rings <3
Well have to see. (:

Ill continue to look carefully, and if you guys can help by looking at the jp website once in a while would be nice to. Thank you.


The series will always be remembered.
In 2010, Chaos Rings was amazing.
2011, Chaos Rings Omega expanded upon the first awesomely.
Then 2012, Chaos Rings 2 just blew us away with awesome graphics and epic story.
and for 2013, there going to do it again with Chaos Rings 3. Innovation of graphics to a whole new level. A new world is waiting to be explored, full physics and character animation. All new battle system with chain combo and summoning. Detailed storyline and emotional decisions.

UPDATE: RUMOR - ケイオスリングスIII for iPad


Innovation. iPhone. Apple. 2013. Get Ready. Lets Go.

im a rpg loving kind of guy

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