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Default SafeKracka Codes

Note: The number in brackets indicates the difficulty level (1 is easiest; 9 is hardest)

Stanley Kubrick [1] Which movie did he direct that contains the monolith?

George Orwell [1]: He wrote this book in 1948. What is the name of the book?

Christopher Columbus [1]: Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in ...

Neil Armstrong [1]: The Jets! The Mets! The Knicks!

Zagar and Evans [2]: What is the name of their one-hit wonder song that contains four numbers? Hint: Two of them repeat.

Steven Spielberg [2]: Which four-digit war movie did he direct?

Tchaikovsky[2] : Which overture did he write that is the famous one?

Obama [3]: The object of baseball is to go home.

George Lucas [4]: If I had a phone number, the first three digits would be THX.

Thomas Edison [5]: Don't blink, or you will miss another one of his inventions.

Zac Efron [5]: Which movie did he star in again?

Ronnie Wood [5]: See the code for Zagar and Evans, only look to the album, not the song.

Ed Sullivan [6]: How many episodes did this show have? Hint: If you answer 1070, you are VERY close.

Albert Einstein [6]: The special one happened ten years before the general one.

William Shakespeare [7]: Ah, to be married!

Babe Ruth [7]: Hank Aaron killed this.

Van Gogh [7]: And I thought in 1988 I gave a great gift.

Abraham Lincoln [7]: What is the address of the Gettysburg Address?

Morton Andersen [7]: WHY is he so famous?

James Kirk [7]: He did love that Enterprise.

James Dean [7]: I don't own a Porsche.

Ah-Nuld [8]: He will be back? But, can he win against a T-1000? Well, no, because he is a ...

The Beatles [8]: Let It Be, Let It Be, Let It Be, Let It Be, look at this album, and you'll find what you seek

Carl Sagan [8]: Asteroids, anyone?

Amelia Earhart [9]: What is the serial number of the plane she used to fly her first solo flight over the Atlantic?

Bill Gates [9]: When Mr. Gates was Mr. Criminal, which six numbers constitute his mugshot? Now, as he is not a perfect "10," get rid of those digits.

James Bond [9]: What is his code number when it is not 007? Hint: The same lucky digit is lucky because it can be used again (and again and again).

Elvis Presley [9]: Did you know he was in the army? Well, there is a way to find out.

Gustave Eiffel [9]: The Eiffel Tower is named after him, and it takes a LONG time to get to the top.

Angelina Jolie [9]: When was she born? This is not a fair puzzle as it goes against the author's comment of overlooking the obvious.

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