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Dungeon/MMO games WITHOUT IAP's?

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12-28-2012, 04:15 PM
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Dungeon/MMO games WITHOUT IAP's?

Hey guys! New to this forum. So I really like a lot of games out there, especially the role playing games and dungeon crawler ones.

The only thing is that I hate games that have in-app purchases. The reason is that I always fear I'll have to buy a "bag of gems" for $1.99 in order to progress. I'm not taling about the building games that need gems to progress...more like games that have upgrades that you'll need to really play the game.

One example is dungeon hunter 3...it is freemium with in app purchases, which makes me uncomfortable to invest time in it. I've thought of downloading DH2, but the reviews seem to suggest it isn't working with IOS6.

Another examples is Order & Chaos, which is kind of a WoW clone...but it too is driven by IAP's and I'm worried I'll be wasting my time trying to play a game that's a waste of time without spending further money.

Both DH3 and O&C are free, which means the developers are probably going to be basically requiring IAP's for any real progress in the games.

I've seen other threads on here asking about non-IAP RPG games...but does anyone know of good dungeon hunter or MMO games that are not IAP driven?