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12-30-2012, 04:20 PM
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First off, I do think there's been some rudeness here. I also understand where they're coming from, though. But I think people are being a bit harsh. Czone does sugarcoat the game some, and it's certainly possible he's affiliated with haypi, but it's also possible that he just likes the game. Everyone is biased toward things they enjoy.

And this certainly isn't the best monster collecting/battling game out there, but from what I've seen it's certainly one of the best free ones. I'm still not far as I haven't had much time to play since I gave my initial impression but outside of an extra slot on your team and the exclusive monster, I haven't seen a necessity to purchase coins. It does look like further expansion of the inventory will require reaching at least VIP 1($2) though.

Anyway, it's obvious that a lot of the reviews were just to get the free currency, which is lame. But the game isn't bad. There are a ton of significantly worse situations, hell look at guardian cross, rage of bahamut etc. where all the "reviews" are just referral codes x.x

So I say give it a go, it's certainly not incredibly amazing, but it's one of the better free games that involve collecting monsters to come out as of late.
12-30-2012, 05:05 PM
just curious what ARE the best pokemon - esque games on the iPhone?

12-30-2012, 05:05 PM
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You guys should check out minimon, is almost exactly like pokemon( some flaws but no doubt the best Pokemon clone out there)
12-30-2012, 05:35 PM
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Dragon Island Blue kept me interested for quite some time, and my nephew has been hooked on it since I put it on his iPad about 2 months ago. =o)

Cardinal Quest 2, Pixel Dungeon, Asdivine Hearts, Super Retro Bros., Storm The Train
12-30-2012, 05:40 PM
Originally Posted by noel916 View Post
You guys should check out minimon, is almost exactly like pokemon( some flaws but no doubt the best Pokemon clone out there)
i got minimon for free on sale n i thought it was really bad...mighty monsters n mino monsters are too freemium ... monster galaxy is too energy dependent ... dragon island blue is pretty good
12-30-2012, 10:52 PM
Lol this thread is hilarious. Czone is totally affiliated with the game.

Anyway, on topic. The game doesn't look bad
12-31-2012, 09:06 AM
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He definitely is affiliated with the game and that's real shady. I was semi-enjoying it but just deleted it and hopefully I'll find a better alternative.
12-31-2012, 11:54 AM
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Originally Posted by ChrisJT View Post
i got minimon for free on sale n i thought it was really bad...mighty monsters n mino monsters are too freemium ... monster galaxy is too energy dependent ... dragon island blue is pretty good
when did you get it because there were alot of bugs before but now there are barely any
12-31-2012, 11:21 PM
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Game Impressions

Okay so, another day of playing and here are my final impressions.

The game is good at first. It had potential, but after awhile it becomes significantly worse.

The first issue you're likely to hit is inventory space. You start to run low very quickly. You can get a few more slots for in-game money which hold out for awhile with proper management, but to get even more space you have to reach VIP status. It doesn't sound that bad, VIP 1 says you get 8 slots for reaching it.

That would be great, but I decided to throw down the couple bucks to unlock VIP 1 and most of its perks are literally just unlocking the ability for you to pay premium coins to do things. New slot on your team? 10 coins. New inventory space? 2 for 10 coins, then 2 for 12 coins, etc. You do get the VIP exclusive monster, and an extra seal card every day, etc. But the more interesting features aren't actually obtained.

The next problem: Experience/Difficulty curve. The game is pretty balanced until around player level 10/11 and monster level 20. The amount of experience to level your monsters at this point becomes a bit more annoying. Beyond 20 it becomes incredibly so. And the level gap between you and the enemy won't be helping. You'll likely be fighting level 26/27 enemies while being around level 20-22 yourself, with one or two monsters.

The fact you'll be changing your main monster to match the element of the scene doesn't help, since you'll be pushing aside your more powerful monsters. Grinding doesn't bother me a whole lot, and if you use the right monsters you can get by. With how quickly the curve steepened, though, I wonder how it is in the later scenes since there are still two main ones I haven't tried.

Seal cards run scarce around the same time everything else starts to go down hill. You can get more from daily tasks, one a day for being VIP 1, and from chests on occasion. But you'll start running low around the time that things become more difficult to catch. And at this point you won't even have breeding yet, so you won't be worried about having a male and female of any given monster. Normal seal cards can't be purchased, and the only alternative are the 100% capture seal cards that cost 20 coins. 9 coins is 99 cents. The seal cards weren't a big deal to me, though. You CAN get them with effort, so I was willing to overlook their scarcity.

There are a number of monsters only obtainable by scrolls which you get from team mode missions. You can only go on a team mode mission once every two hours, unless you spend coins to reset the timer, of course. VIP 1 lists some instant resets in its list of perks, but if they exist, they still cost coins. No free resets to be found. Team mode is also the only way to get a number of other items like types of Honey required to evolve a certain monster. The fact that these rewards may or may not be on the roulette at the end and the fact you then require luck to land on them is annoying. And the developers know this, because there's a re-spin option, which as you would guess costs coins.

Every scene has three "difficulty" levels. You unlock the higher ones as you progress. VIP users get a number of free challenges to the higher level missions per day. After those are used up, or if you're a non-VIP user, you'll have to fork over coins for every attempt. Once I hit this point, it stopped being so easy to overlook the other things.

There are other nuisances that I haven't brought up, most of which are minor by themselves. Most of the nuisances in the game can be overlooked by themselves, really. But once you're further into the game and they all begin to add up, anything the game has going for it begins to fall apart.

So, where I previously stated the game was at least worth checking out, I now recommend anyone that doesn't want to either fork over a lot of money or just invest a ludicrous amount of time trying to get around doing so avoid the game like the plague. And it sucks, because the game could have actually been quite good if handled better.

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12-31-2012, 11:36 PM
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Originally Posted by bramblett05 View Post
Now we wait for czone to say something good about the game or to "prove you wrong"
He hasn't logged in since claiming he was gone for good, so maybe not, haha.

Also reminded me of one point I neglected, the chat. If anyone decides to play, for the love of all that is holy avoid the chat. Trolls, emoji spam, and even when there was a "conversation" going on, I felt like my IQ was dropping just from exposure.

Haypi has an Expert system, where they appoint knowledgable players to be guides and essentially moderators. There currently are none for this game, and staff doesn't seem to have a presence, either. I was an Expert for a short time a few years ago for Haypi Kingdom, and even with a few of us the chat was never truly under control x.x So without any, it's pretty bad. And unlike HK, there's no clan chat to speak with likeminded individuals in. This certainly doesn't help the experience.