App description: Pixaquarium is a virtual pet simulator on the iOS for all those who love pixel art and little sea creatures. You will be able to interact with your pet in many ways and your pet will evolve to a different breed based on your love and care towards it. There are more than 40 sea creatures to be discovered. A healthy little fish or a tiny zombie fish might be waiting in your fish tank before you know it!

"Overall this is a highly addicting game that will have you checking back on your cute little fish often. With tons of different fish breeds to discover you definitely wont be bored for a very long time!" -theappshack

"Pixquarium is a very cute game, highly reminiscent of a Tamogotchi. I love the throwback pixel art and the color pallet. The game is very intuitive and easy to play over time." -retrogamelover

* Cute pixel art
* Customizable fish tank
* Close interaction with your pet
* Dynamic evolution
* Mini games
* Simple and clean interface
* Over 4 dozens of little sea creatures awaiting to be discovered!
* Evolution tree

Interact with your pet by playing mini games, feeding variety of tasty foods, cleaning poops and talking to your pet. You can also customize your fish tank with different backgrounds to suit your needs! Take good of your pet and watch it evolve over several days into different kinds of little sea creatures.

A note to people who own Pixaquarium prior to this update. Due to the save reset, there will be a 10USD worth of in-game currency compensation (10000 Shells).

If you have any Pixaquarium version installed prior to this update and run it at least once, you will be able to get the compensation after you updated the game. The in game currency will appear when you start a new game.

As Pixaquarium is going free to play in version 2.0, people who buy this game now will have a bonus of 3USD worth of in game currency which translates to 3000 shells.

PixFish's comments:
Hey all, i am an indie developer, my 1st game was just approved by Apple! - Pixaquarium, A pet fish simulation game made by Corona SDK.

Any feedback, criticism or bug reports are welcomed and appreciated!

Have Fun and Thank You!
01-01-2013, 10:54 AM
Amazing game! Really enjoying it do you now when your releasing the next update? Good work can't wait until more is added
07-17-2013, 01:08 PM
1.3 is coming with major changes:
- local notification
- new save format
- in game currency
- 10usd worth of in game currency for existing players
- 3usd worth of in game currency for player who buy on 1.3
- total rework of game's user interface
- total rework of the simulator
- more food types
- mini games
- evolution tree
- new art for backgrounds

For more information, you can visit

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Pixaquarium - A pet simulation game similiar to Tamagotchi!

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08-05-2013, 03:51 AM
Pixaquarium Update 1.3 has been released. The game has gone through a total revamp that includes many new features:
+ New food types
+ Mini games
+ HD background
+ New menus
+ New interactions
+ Customizable fish tank
+ And much more!

The front page has been updated with all the new information.

Pixaquarium - A pet simulation game similiar to Tamagotchi!

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