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01-01-2013, 11:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Carlos-Sz View Post
Minor suggestions:

- when a game ends sometimes I wish to see how the board is; maybe a smaller end game screen?

Good idea and something I would like to see too. Added to our Improvements
Card swapping won't be feasible, sorry. Not until one shining day when we had our own server or something.

Steve@ 3Goblins
01-01-2013, 12:02 PM
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Thank you Steve for all the information. I appreciate.

iPhone 6 and iPad Mini iOS 8

01-01-2013, 12:40 PM
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Hi everyone,

I'm guinea-pigging again and testing a mini update to try and resolve the syncing issue. It's iCloud playing up rather than Spellcraft. Let you know how we get on.

Carlos, we are always trying to get them to do a pass and play game, or get rid of the bloody game centre, but they sensibly explained it means paying to host their own servers which is quite a lot to ask of them at this early stage. Lets keep nagging them though, I find that if you nag someone enough, you usually get your own way eventually hehe.

Also, Steve answered the question about the end turn thing. I used to ask exactly the same question and thought it was just inconvenient. It's really hard to explain on here, but genuinely you CAN use it to your advantage.

Consider examples like;

You have the Giant Volta on the board (blue card, massive eel creature you double tap them and they zzzzzap all the cards surround the including your own forces!). So what you could do is double tap to zap, THEN do your attack (which if you did this first youve lost your chance to zap) and THEN lay your card so you've not damaged your own minion.

Or, your opponent has lined up a purple under dark worm, but you are in trouble as all you have left is a crappy little firebird who has 'quick'. If you lay your firebird and press attack, then your firebird will get sent straight to the discard, like a little suicide bomber as Steve described, therefore leaving you completely unprotected now that it's your opponents turn.

SO, you press attack, THEN lay your firebird, THEN end turn. It's not great, but at least that big old worm has a blockage in his next turn and hopefully you will then draw something more substantial.

I'm only really parroting what Steve said there, just thought I'd give some actual card examples. Play around with it and in practice it will make more sense.
01-01-2013, 12:45 PM
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Thank you for the card explanation. I was sure I was missing something.

iPhone 6 and iPad Mini iOS 8
01-01-2013, 12:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Sheinfell View Post
Happy New Year to everybody!

Did not get stuck so far on the "syncing" thing, but I would still like to know what it actually does. Goblins? Mind enlightening me here?

@Cat: Serious, you think my English is better than yours? Might be because I read English books and watch movies in English originals since I am like 10 years old; that gave me a lot of vocabulary to draw from.
And I use English as working language for several years now, and as everyday language for another 2 or so. I am not fluent in Dutch yet, so I have to fall back to English quite often. And I speak mainly English with my Dutch girlfriend.
You know at startup you get the little orange box that says syncing? Well that just stays spinning and you get stuck while its trying to retrieve your I for from iCloud. Very tedious, and weird how its only happening on my phone and my iPad is good!

And I've been using English since I was, oh, maybe ONE!! Lol. Your grammar is far more correct than what mine is I guess I got lazy.
01-01-2013, 12:50 PM
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Steve, are servers expensive then? I've always wondered, I've no clue if they are hundreds/thousands/millions?

Card swapping would be great though wouldn't it! Or what about card betting? Using cards as a stake in two player matches, wouldn't that turn up the heat!!
01-01-2013, 12:54 PM
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Sometime I wish there was an UNDO button on the iPhone when big fingers have covered the card and placed the wrong one!
01-01-2013, 03:04 PM
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As the number of players is growing, now is really our last chance to fine tune some cards. Doing it later just wouldn't be good.
These changes were produced as a result of analysing card use, comparisons, calculations, personal experience, interactions with future factions, etc

Most changes are very trivial indeed, so this list isn't exactly a fun read. We won't even include it on the update release notes.
And it's possible 1 or 2 won't even make it in the final cut.

Steve @ ThreeGoblins

Detonation : 1 less cost
Heatseeker: 1 less cost
Flame spider : +1 health
Smoke Elemental :gained Elusive

Nobbling Trickster : 1 less cost
Reemergence: 1 less cost
Barkskin : 1 less cost
Overgrown Forest : +1 health
Wall of Webs: +1 health
Nobbling Elder : 1 less cost but ability costs 1, not 0
Deepwood Fey : Does -1/-1 to victim, not -1/0
Blessed Unicorn : -1 health

Essence Drift : 1 less cost
Triton Waveriders : 1 less cost for their ability
Deepsea Thing: +1 health
Shimmersquid: +1 health
Shimmershoal: now have the ability of Triton Waveriders
Rainbow Pearl : Gives 3 rather than 2 power
Triton Pearldivers: Changed to a 1/1 from 0/2

Dreadmarsh Plague: 1 less cost
Dark Secrets: : 1 less cost
Accursed: : 1 less cost
Blood Orb: 1 less cost
Cloud of Bats: 1 less cost
Skeleton Crew : steals 2 items, rather than 1
Stitched Golem: +1 health

Taken Under: +1 cost
Unnatural Gas : 1 less cost
Mindvenom Spiders: +1 health

01-01-2013, 10:43 PM
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@Steve: Nice update announcement, curious how the card changes will affect gameplay.
I only ask for one thing, and that is to reconsider the -1 cost for Accursed.
As I wrote before, in my opinion the card is extremely powerful as it is, and should stay the same cost, plus get a timer added (10 rounds or whatever). If you reduce its cost by 1 , I am convinced it will become the new "Taken Under".

@Cat: Ah, now I get it about my English. I think my better grammar (not that I ever noticed) comes from a) learning English as a secondary language , b) being a German native speaker (German grammar is more complicated, and we are real sticklers for that), and c) from that I do a lot of high level communication (e.g. to upper management, important customers), where I often have to be very careful with every word I write/say, and how I say it as well.

And server costs: You can start really cheap, meaning for free at some webhoster. However, the more you want in functionality and support, the more you pay. I would have to look up current pricings, but my guess would be that for something usable for Spellcraft, you would be in the ~100€/month range easily. As far as I know, Amazon's cloud services are about the best you can currently get in terms of price/service, but even they made the headlines with several nasty outages (some lasting days) in the past months. Enterprise-quality servers are expensive, you simply cannot compare that to offers for private persons; wholly different league here.
01-02-2013, 01:19 AM
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My reaction to reading that my unicorns just got sick!!