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01-02-2013, 03:54 AM
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Hey I thought the gifts were over... But surprise! Another 10 bux from Nimblebit tonight. Not complaining

Thanks Nimblebit!
01-02-2013, 04:18 AM
My New Toy

Just showing off my new toy
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01-02-2013, 04:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Faye Valentine View Post
Just showing off my new toy
Nice one Hun, it's pretty cool and makes good profit too

Snowbird - I got a birch craft today so gifts are coming
01-02-2013, 04:54 AM
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Planes, names and shades

Hi All, Happy New Year! Back from holidays and I thought I'd chime in on the naming & painting bits.

I do rename my planes, but in a different way from anyone else here I guess. I started out with the PP naming system, i.e. PL001 etc. I like the real life flight code effect. But when I started hangaring planes and redeploying them again, I found out Nimblebit caused duplicate names. Can't have that. I hate duplicates. So I decided, in my own shortsighted way, to use the first digit to keep track of the number of times a plane was redeployed. For instance, an old Roo C I've used a couple of times to redress cargo imbalances back when I still used Cloudliner Ms is now sitting in the hangar as PL681. Next time it flies (if ever) it will become PL781. (It's also the most redeployed so far.)

So in one glance I can see it's the 81st plane I ever got, and has been brought back 6 times so far.

Shortsighted of course, since once gets to 100 at some point. I resolved this by renaming my 101st plane PM001, 201st PN001. First digit still says number of times redeployed. Naming has now become a tradition. Merlionine Airways has grown up!

My airline colours have been chosen at the beginning and never changed. They are charcoal (for the fuselage), cream (underside or wings, if separate) and burnt orange. Aeroeagles are black instead of charcoal, as they look lighter than the others for some reason. And burnt orange becomes brown for planes with a camouflage pattern, since charcoal&brown camo looks seriously military.

I upgrade all my Class 1&2 planes for range and weight (except Blimps' weight, since this doesn't matter). Aeroeagles have all been upgraded for speed as well. Class 3 planes are upgraded for weight only, since their ranges are generally sufficient. Any deviation from this, burnt orange becomes brown so I can see which plane is non-standard (I have a couple of Blimps that were speeded up and some Sequoias that were upgraded for range).

Incidentally, when upgrading I always seem to get struck with Parkinsons so I have only one type of upgrade: 15%.

I am equally compulsory on the airline colours bit. Even to the point where I purposely deploy planes given to me by Nimblebit to avoid them sitting in my hangar with the wrong colours. So gift planes actually cost me bux! I usually do a flight or two to earn those bux back. incidentally, this does not get counted as a redeployment so first digit stays 0 for those.

There you go. Hope this didn't sound too weird.


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01-02-2013, 04:59 AM
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Originally Posted by seattleheli View Post
This is sure frustrating. I'm building my bux strategy mainly following Vic Sark's posts, but incorporating many other people's ideas, and I'm just not seeing very many bux jobs. Right now I've got LA/NY, London/Paris, Istanbul, Shanghai, and about to buy Seoul. NY and London are both fully upgraded, LA is class two (as well as Paris I think), and the rest will be upgraded with time. I'm buying up Sequoias like crazy since they are definitely the most efficient.

It's difficult resisting the temptation to load up a full Sequoia with the 25% bonus to a nearby city, but I know that bux are worth more. Hopefully as I gain plane slots, I can afford to have both bux-dedicated and coin-dedicated planes.

Is there anything I'm forgetting?

Edit: Just fully upgraded LA.
The Bux focus only strategy is more fitted for lvl 30+

First you need to make coins to fully upgrade all your airports (very important as you'll get way more jobs including Bux jobs) and build up your fleet (plane slots and good planes).
That means a focus on 25% bonus long travel, with a sequoia you usually can make 10k coins on a trip. And take Bux on the way as you can (ie for exple, take the Bux jobs in Asia on your almost full plane for the US, drop the Bux jobs in Europe and send the plane with the 25% bonus to the US)
The Bux you get, you have to use them to buy plane parts and do one or two Bux exchange to buy plane slots (depending on their number at least 1000, ideally you should be able to buy at least 4/5 plane slots with the coins traded, there's a Bux calc in our TA1 spreadsheet)

Then once you feel like you're settled on coins, have fully upgraded your airports, and have 25+ plane slots, you may chase Bux more easily and have dedicated planes as Bux sitters.
I don't do non Bux layovers any more for example, so it's faster to scroll the jobs list.

Originally Posted by Gus172 View Post
For me I colored the bux planes one color. This way they stand up and work Their way to the top of the screen. The green really stands out nicely against orange and black planes.

I do name them as well. Though I stole the naming from Vic.

CYC1 through CYC 33. Six are in the hangar
My Bux planes are all green.
My P planes are yellow
My C planes are red
My M planes were blue in the beginning but now random colors
Event planes are either random or designed.
My newly speed upgraded Cyclones M are black + one different color on the nose.
And since my 2yr old wants to play PP, I have some pink planes that belong to her

Gamecenter: Vic Sark . Xbox live: vic sark
Tiny Tower Vegas code: 2HJH
Pocketplanes Flight crew: TouchArcade1 (click for a list of crew members GC and strategies)

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01-02-2013, 05:24 AM
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Looks like TA1 is running about 150 people this round. Here is the current info with 9H35M left.

Position/Job Count:
01-02-2013, 05:33 AM
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The idea of TouchArcade1 crew is to regroup the most active players and forum members from TouchArcade crew.

We exchanged our GC names so we have fully named leaderboards and keep tabs on current and past events.
The global events get more competitive between us, and against other teams as we have to fight for 2nd place.
The challenge was not there with TA being always first by a 5 to 10 times margin because of the many members that just googled "first crew Pocket planes" and joined to get the first prize no matter what, doing the minimum jobs and not looking at this forum (I got no problem with that, I just found it was boring in the long run).

We also try to help each other with parts and tips (that are public in this forum thread for everyone to see).

So TouchArcade1 is designed for ppl wanting a bit more focus on social and competitive aspect from Pocket Planes.

Everybody is welcome to join in, but if someone doesn't want or have the time or is interested in this more social playground, it's best to stay with TouchArcade and get first prize easily I guess

And NimbleBit encourages this on purpose by having the same prize for first and top ten crews.

Click here for a list of TA1 members and their GameCenter ID's

Gamecenter: Vic Sark . Xbox live: vic sark
Tiny Tower Vegas code: 2HJH
Pocketplanes Flight crew: TouchArcade1 (click for a list of crew members GC and strategies)
01-02-2013, 05:39 AM
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Prizes are still coming!

Today Nimblebit sent me a.......... C130 Hercules.....ALRIGHT!
01-02-2013, 05:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Fullquiver13 View Post
Today Nimblebit sent me a.......... C130 Hercules.....ALRIGHT!
Lucky!! Enjoy it
01-02-2013, 05:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Fullquiver13 View Post
Today Nimblebit sent me a.......... C130 Hercules.....ALRIGHT!
Awesome dude enjoy!