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I hope apps become more expensive.

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01-02-2013, 05:31 PM
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I hope apps become more expensive.

Since taking a job in marketing for an application design and development team company back in august, I have learned what the behind the scenes development looks like for app developers.

I, like many on outside the tech world, thought that developers could create apps in weeks and people could build websites overnight. I have since become educated on the art and delicate precision it takes to create beautiful, engaging, and creative apps.

The amount of time, energy, commitment and perseverance it takes to create these apps is mind boggling. Its only more confusing to me why developers have continued to create great apps and still price them at practically nothing.

Its a vicious circle since I believe it was stemmed from the beginning of apps in which the market was dominated by free and simple games. As the app market grew and more time and development was put in, the quality of apps has sky rocketed. However prices really havent. Consumers laugh at an app that costs 2$-5$ they get for life, when their lunch is over 10$. And 5$ is on the extreme high end for an app outside of the "productivity" category.

In the end I hope developers charge more for their apps. Its the only way the app industry will attract more talent and new ideas by people who can see a profitable result. I dont want to say its all about the money, I just see the quality and time put into some of these apps and would like to see those developers rewarded better for their work.

Am I wrong in believing this?