App description: A unique and traditional Monster Taming, Battling, Breeding and Hunting Role Playing Game. Inspired by old school Monster Battling Role Playing Games games like Pokemon, Dragon Warrior Monsters and Revelation Demon Slayer.

GeoSociety Highlights:
A Complete Storyline and World to Explore.
Over 350 Monsters to Tame, Battle and Trade.
A Unique 3 vs. 3 Time-Based Battle System.
Monster Party of 9.
4 Unique Mission Modes including Zombie Mode.

Storyline Introduction: Today is your first day working for GeoSociety, You're not really the prime candidate one would expect for the position - considering you dropped out of college and aren't qualified. The GeoSociety is the organisation charged with the research and preservation of the GeoRealm and GeoMonsters. Your colleagues at GeoSociety make it known just how they feel about your new position, but after seeing some familiar faces your ready to start on your first mission.

Monster Development:
Every Time your Monster Knocks Out another Monster in Battle it will gain some Experience.
With enough experience a monster will grow levels which provides you with stat points to allocate to Attack, Defence, Speed or Intelligence.
Some monsters will even Mutate automatically when they reach a certain level.

What Reviews are Saying:
"One of the best games on the app store right now. 9/10 Deep featured game play with new features on their way. Definitely a contender for best game of the month." - Mctron proudly presents The Nerd Variety Blog.

"If you ever played Pokemon on any Nintendo handheld, you should feel right at home with GeoSociety. The recently released iPhone game offers its own take on monster-breeding gameplay." -

Vovin's comments:

Isn't that something our Pokemon fans are eagerly waiting for?
01-03-2013, 04:54 AM
any chance on an update? or maybe a second version? or maybe a port over to android?
01-04-2013, 10:34 PM
Originally Posted by bramblett05 View Post
Is this game any good?
Played it. It was pretty good. Never finished it though.

01-04-2013, 10:35 PM
The only thing that sort of throws me off is the battle system. Other than that- pretty nice
01-04-2013, 10:44 PM
Originally Posted by bramblett05 View Post
What's wrong with it?
To me, it's just too, bland. It has some originality, (3 monster battling) but I mean, when you look at little masters, that was flashy. I just think the battling needs to be a little flashy.

Btw The exploration is cool

Edit: Anyone still in for micromon?

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01-04-2013, 10:50 PM
I forgot this game existed, haha. I played it when it was new and didn't care for it much because it felt really glitchy. Since then I've played a couple other games of his creation, including the php-based online one "Monster Ranch Online" which is where both Geo Monsters and Geo Society find their roots. Personally I think an actual remake of MRO with the missing features and in a proper format(not a php based web game) would be a great game, but doesn't seem like that'll end up happening.

I'm surprised to see this has received as many updates as it has, because Kyro has a tendency to start and drop projects far before they reach his intended vision.

I can't comment on the quality of this since it's received so many revisions since I plated it, though.
01-04-2013, 10:52 PM
Originally Posted by bramblett05 View Post
Big question is there story? I tried terra pets and both failed.
From what I remember, (I uninstalled it a while ago till a saw the thread and thought of picking it up till micro comes along) there is a story. don't remember a thing from it sorry. There is probably a playthrough on youtube of it.

And about the other The game HAS potential it's just to me it's just lacking a little.
01-04-2013, 10:59 PM
Originally Posted by bramblett05 View Post
Yes micromon but we don't know a date which sucks.
Sucks like crazy. That game is like the final hope lol. Haypi monsters couldn't do it for me, neither did zuko monsters. ( although I never gave it a full chance) it played like mino monsters
01-04-2013, 11:03 PM
Honesty I'm just trying to save up for micro. I check daily for updates lol. Their Facebook page is cool.
01-04-2013, 11:15 PM
I'd prefer it be premium. They worked hard for a legit game. I said I'd pay 6 bucks. I hope it's out in the middle of the month or even late January
01-04-2013, 11:25 PM
I don't like too much iap. I get it to get minor items but if the game relays on it then to me it won't feel a real "game". I'd like to play micro at home and out. Internet connection made things pretty hard when it came to other monster captures, even the ones with time limits.

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