Gameboy Styled Games

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01-06-2013, 01:43 AM
Gameboy Styled Games


I would like to discover more iOS games inspired by or designed to emulate the old Gameboy titles. The following are some that I am aware of. Please let me know if you are aware of any others. Just to be clear, I am looking for monochrome amber, grayscale, or black & white pixel art games only, not retro games in general. (Note: The occasional use of color highlights is acceptable for this list provided that the distinctive feature of the game is monochrome pixelated art.) Thanks!

1-Bit Hero by Mudloop Thread

1-Bit Ninja by kode80 LLC Article

2-Bit Cowboy by Crescent Moon Games Review

4NR by P1XL Review

8bit doves by NitromeReview

A Little Turbulence by With, LLC Thread

Blockboy by EO Games Review

The Blocks Cometh (Gamebot) by Halfbot Article

BWBan by Emanuele Feronato Thread

Canabalt by Semi Secret Software, LLC Review

Devil Shard by Game Stew Review

Ending by Aaron Steed Review

Evil Robot by Nikki Ussery Thread

Game Guy by Park Productions Thread

Gentlemen Ricochet Mini by Bītse Games Thread

Hatchi by Portable Pixels Thread

Impulse by Matthias Falk Thread

Jack B. Nimble by Sean Noonan Thread

Jack N' Jill by Rohan Narang Thread

Kale in Dinoland by The Rotting Cartridge Thread

Pix'n Love Rush by Bulkypix Review

Pygmies Hoglet by maxmobile Review

Stardash by OrangePixel Review

Super Scrapped Robot by bureaubureau Thread

Tower of Fortune by Game Stew Review

Tower of Fortune 2 by Game Stew Review

Visoriser by Quadra Software Thread

War of Eclipse by Game Stew Thread

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