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iPad: Flame of the Deep - Retro Isometric Dungeon Crawler

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01-06-2013, 03:46 AM
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Flame of the Deep - Retro Isometric Dungeon Crawler

This project is still fairly early in development but I decided to post about it now to get some sense of the community's interest in a game like this.

The game is a retro dungeon crawler, inspired by games such as Solstice, the Immortal, Equinox, Dungeon Master and Zelda. The game will feature combat, platforming, puzzle solving, exploration and character growth through item acquisition and learning new spells. You play as a Wizard, most of your offensive abilities come in the form of spells and ranged combat using your staff. Spells can be used for both offensive purposes and to help solve the environmental puzzles.

Puzzles range from the simple to difficult, simple examples include: pressure plates to open a door, move a block to make a jump, freeze an enemy with ice magic to get across some spikes. With combat, choosing the right spell for the enemy or situation and using the environment will be required to be effective (an example would be using wind spell to knock an enemy into some spikes).

Additional Information:
* Universal with support for all the various resolutions.
* No IAP - pay once and get the whole game.
* Should run fine on the iPhone 3GS, perhaps even on older hardware.
* Pure 2D rendering using a limited color palette (NES) and approximately NES resolution - adjusted for device aspect ratio and integer scaling (no pixel distortion).
* While the rooms here fit in view, the view scrolls as the player moves so rooms can be much bigger as well.
* 20 hours of gameplay planned (more if players explore fully).
* Multiple difficulty levels.
* No experience levels or grinding, everything is upgraded from items that you find or buy, including health and magic, similar to most of the Zelda games.
* Optional content, many spells in the game are not required to complete the quest, for example, but will make some encounters and puzzles easier. Remember to explore.
* Hint system - stuck and don't know what to do? You can ask the game to give you a hint, similar to some of the newer Adventure games. Obviously this should only be used if needed, so there will be an achievement for getting through the game without asking for hints (or only asking X times).

So how far along is the game?
* Custom built editor working and used to build the rooms you see below.
* Player movement, jumping, physics and collision. The player graphic is not complete (using a placeholder), which is why its not shown in the screenshots.
* Story and game-flow fleshed out.
* 50% design complete.
* Core engine mostly complete.
* First floor of the dungeon about 20% complete (though still missing final touches such as more decoration sprites, enemies and loot).

Next steps:
* Finish the first level of the dungeon.
* Finish the player graphics and animation.
* Finish setting up treasure, items and triggers.
* Enemies & combat.
* Release a gameplay video.

I will update this post in the future with the full story and a gameplay video. But for now I'll leave a few screenshots.
(Blurring in the screenshots caused by shrinking from 1024x768 - iPad 1 resolution - to fit in the forum).

Here I'll show some screenshots from the latest work - screenshots are best viewed at full resolution.

Click on screenshots to view at full resolution:

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