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New games announced for Nvidia's Tegra 4

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01-07-2013, 08:06 AM
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New games announced for Nvidia's Tegra 4

The new website dedicated to the Nvidia's shield features some unannounced games like:

-Arma tactics (Take control of a four-member Special Forces team in this turn-based, close-combat strategy game. With an open-world storyline, it's up to you to decide how to play through your missions and objectives. Whether facing skilled mercenaries or disorganized local militia, your strategy is the only thing that will get you through hours of intense ever-changing action.)

-Blood Sword (Blood Sword: Sword of Ruin THD is an action-adventure RPG game. Hack and slash your way through hordes of monsters set in the ancient mystic times. Level up your hero and battle ancient evil. The game includes dynamic sound effects, high-end 3D features, and a unique TPS view during boss battles.)


-Burn Zombie Burn (Burn Zombie Burn! is a fast-paced action game in which the player must survive against a never-ending horde of zombies. The game's protagonist is Bruce who must battle the zombies across all six maps and all three modes — including defense mode in which Bruce must defend his girlfriend Daisy from the undead horde.)

-Rochard (Rochard is a game where manipulating gravity and using the G-Lifter (a gravity device used to easily move weighty objects around) are crucial elements for success. With the help of his sci-fi mining tools and taking advantage of the laws of physics, the protagonist John Rochard will carry you through a game packed with puzzles, action, humor, great music, excellent level design, and a story rich of twists.)

I'm sure will see them coming to IOS too. Arma is surprising considering the nature of the IP on pc.


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