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Quest for Kullvaria - Dev Thread - By MooView Games

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01-10-2013, 09:33 AM
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Quest for Kullvaria - Dev Thread - By MooView Games

Hey everyone! We'd like to officially announce our new game

Quest for Kullvaria

This game is going to be an infinite runner style game, except you will take control of a pirate ship out on the oceans, in search of the lost and mysterious island, Kullvaria.

Now some of you may feel like you have heard that name before, Kullvaria, and that is because we are also the gents who tried to bring you 'The Curse of Kullvaria' the twin stick shooter. While our first endeavour did not go quite as planned, we learned an incredible amount from that experience. And so we are back at it again.

The game is still rough, and a lot of the assets haven't been fully created yet, but the essence of the game is there. Development started about a month ago, and we are firing on all cylinders to get this game out as soon as possible. Time is quite literally against us.

With that being said I would like to share with you our vision, thus far, for this game. We will be expanding on each piece later on, but hopefully this should suffice for now.


Version One
  • iOS / Android
  • Rolling World
  • Scoring via Treasure, Distance and Time
  • 7 Different Obstacles
  • Endless Day Mode
  • 4 Different Powerups
  • Statistics
  • Leaderboards
  • Achievements
  • Game Center integration on iOS

In the future we have plans to include features such as saving crewmen for score multipliers, more modes, more obstacles, other platform specific releases, PC, Mac, Browser, etc. Ship Upgrades, Class choices, boss fights, maneuverability, and way more!

To give you a taste of where we are thus far here is a super early build of the game, running out of the Unity window. Note that nothing in the video is final. Literally, nothing. But, this is the perfect indicator of WHAT this game is.

Youtube link | Pop Up

Useful Links

MooView Games Inc. Facebook page
This is where we update with media. From here it gets spit out to our website and twitter, so check back there most often for concepts, small updates and such.

MooView Games Inc. Website
You can find out a bit about us here.


We'd love to hear any and all feedback from you guys. Whether it be good or bad.

Beta Testers

Once we hit this stage we will be needing a couple of beta testers, perhaps 3 for Android and 3 for iOS. The amount may change later on.

Very best to everyone, and thank you for being YOU!

-Michael Jarvis, co-developer of:
Quest for Kullvaria
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