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Preservation of ios games (is this even possible!?!)

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01-11-2013, 01:36 AM
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Preservation of ios games (is this even possible!?!)

The thought occurred to me how ios gaming would survive in say 30 years. Up until recently, video games were preserved as ROMs which could be played through various software that emulated a console. Because everything was consistent for the console, it was easy to keep track of all the games and make sure their legacy will go on forever.

However, with app store apps, this doesn't seem as those this is a feasible task. As much as I would like this to happen, I doubt we'd ever see some of these games again, and there'd be absolutely no way to ever play all of them again.

Mainly because...
-There are waaaaay too many games to keep track of. Even if all ios games were possible to preserve, it would be a lot harder to track down hundreds of thousands of games versus only a couple hundred.
-Outdated games require older firmware to run it. There are games already which can't be played. If a developer decides to not keep up an app and update it then it'll end up lost in the app store abyss. If an ios emulator ever does show up then you'd need to change firmware specific to each game which would not be ideal.
-Similarly, apps have different updates. What if you wanted to play a version of a game before X update? While this would be mostly a negative to a most games there are some which had vastly different older versions of games (Tap Tap Revenge back when it was called Tap Tap Revolution anybody remember?) and still seems like it should be kept.
-Some games are banned/removed. This would make it nearly impossible to track these games down and although the games probably sucked to begin with, they are games nonetheless and deserve to be preserved as well.
-Probably some other thing

I'm really interested in how things will go with ios games in the future? How will games hold up? Will some vanish from history forever? What can we do about it?

btw, sorry if there was a thread on this earlier. If there was, I didn't see it.

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