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12-30-2012, 04:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Brrobotix View Post
@FoolishEarthling thanks for the help! I was wondering about Goblin Gangland since I heard such great things about it. I actually unlocked the whole thing, hoping that would help me figure it out, but it still wasn't working. So should I try to remove some of the higher mana cost cards from my deck, since it looks like I won't be using them?
Here is my stock Goblin Gangland list that I play...

2 Goblin Arsonist
2 Goblin Balloon Brigade
2 Goblin Bushwhacker
1 Goblin Fireslinger
2 Goblin Guide
2 Raging Goblin
2 Ember Hauler
2 Goblin Piledriver
1 Goblin Wardriver
2 Warren Instigator
3 Gempalm Incinerator
3 Goblin Chieftain
2 Goblin Ringleader
1 Clickslither
1 Krenko, Mob Boss
2 Siege-Gang Commander

2 Goblin Grenade
2 Shock
3 Krenko's Command

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12-30-2012, 05:06 PM
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Awesome post FoolishEarthling.

By the way, here is a great website to plan your deck/s.


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12-30-2012, 10:15 PM
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Just took out Nicol Bolas with the speed build of the goblin gang deck. On my 4th turn I was able to use a relentless assault to finish him off, which was really exhilarating! Thanks for the tips, I'll be sure to play around with the deck manager from now on.
01-02-2013, 04:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Spatzi View Post
I am forced to discard four cards on my turn. I have about 11 in hand. I try to discard a land. It won't discard. Don't lands count for discard?

Where do you discard them to? It says 'drag to select'. Okay, I drag it up, down, sideways, dropping it everywhere and it won't leave my hand. Is there a special spot to discard them to? I don't see a garbage can icon. Stuck from proceeding.
I'm having the same problem. Did this get answered? I must discard several cards at the end of my turn. How do I "drag to select" for discarding? Where do I drag them? I've dragged them up onto the mat, down over my discard pile, left, right, I've tried double clicking and looking for "choose card" like in Ascension (much better UI), but I can't discard. I had seven cards in my hand, used the Plane ability with the squiggly symbol to draw many more cards, now have 14, ending my turn, and I have to discard seven. But I can't! It won't let me discard them! Who can tell me how? I'm not going to give them $10 for the full version with crap like this.
01-02-2013, 05:19 PM
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When you discard multiple cards sometimes they only will discard after you've selected all of the cards you're discarding. For example, if it's three cards, you have to drag three separate cards down or up (pending the exact card) before all three are discarded together. After dragging each one, you can see that it was selected by a white outline replacing the orange one. Hope that helps
01-04-2013, 02:02 AM
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Why can't I change the amount of mana in my deck? Am I missing something? I think the slower decks need more mana.
01-04-2013, 05:22 AM
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Originally Posted by dwerny View Post
Why can't I change the amount of mana in my deck? Am I missing something? I think the slower decks need more mana.
Mana are set depending on the amount of colored cards you have in your deck. Example, more red cards = more red mana (based on casting cost if I am not mistaken). You cannot manually configure manas.
01-04-2013, 09:58 AM
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Which is why I can't believe they still haven't developed a fully fledged version of magic for iphone/iPad, just like magic online or similar. There's so much money to be had with people buying/selling cards/decks/booster packs, much more than this set deck stuff. It would be the be all end all of card games for ios.

People should google/youtube "wagic" if they have a jailbroken Iphone and a bit of folder structure modding know how, to see what could really be out of this.
01-11-2013, 09:12 AM
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Deck Pack 3 - Mana Mastery and Rogues out
01-11-2013, 02:38 PM
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Mana Mastery is one of the most interesting decks from a deckbuilding point of view... when you can play anything, which of the uber-powerful game winners do you leave on the bench?