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Ravensword: Shadowlands Quest/Content Suggestions

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01-12-2013, 11:22 AM
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Ravensword: Shadowlands Quest/Content Suggestions

See title. Begin suggesting.

This is my big suggestion and there've been a good few concurring posts. Updated and added with other suggestions frequently.


Ok here is my big list of stuff, divided into what I'd want to see as paid DLC and what I think should be a free update:

1) Enemy AI should be a little better. There shouldn't just be a "circle" where, if you enter it, they automatically chase you forever. Also, if you jump on a rock and start shooting they won't always jump up after you.

2) Enemies should level up with you. The game is just to easy even on the hardest setting IMO.

3) Aven and the mining town should be more active. Maybe double or triple the NPCs for capable devices.

4) I've seen a deer and a boar right next to each other doing nothing. Maybe have the animals occasionall fight each other? It would add a lot to the immersion.

5) The inventory is a pain to use; I like the 3D items but it's a pain scrolling through everything. I liked Aralon's system better where everything was a grid and easily accessible. Likewise, the quick-access bar needs to have more slots or we need to be able to scroll across to reveal more. It's annoying not being able to have more than four at a time.

6) Chests should be randomized and if we revisit the area we should be able to reopen them and discover new stuff once we fight through the horde again. Likewise drops from enemies should be randomized to a certain extent.

7) This is more a personal preference, but if possible allow devices to tweak graphics settings like you could in Aralon? Not just view distance, but texture quality, shadow resolution, rendering resolution, AA, bump mapping, etc. Have a default for all devices so those who don't want to mess with it don't have to, but for advanced users it's really nice to be able to tweak to their own preference.

8) Making the weapons bob a little in first person view would be nice, as would the option of a seperate block button and being able to resize the buttons. The resizing thing is pretty minor though.

Paid DLC. I'd pay $3-5 each for both of these.

Pack 1: Loot/Magic
1) Add some more caves all over the map, with enemies as suiting the area. The more difficult, the better the reward. The chests should be randomized and be able to be reopened when we revisit the cave.

2) More magic runes. How about a spike one that has spikes jut up from the ground at our enemy? Or a confusion rune that causes an enemy to attack its allies? Likewise, some higher level enemies should use magic against us. Also hide the runes in chests and on a few extra-high level enemies, that way we have to earn them.

3) More weapons and especially armor. Let the weapons have special powers or add runes that allow things like poison, life leech, quicker attack, etc. Allow end enemies to use these same powers against us, and add runes that will counteract the magic.

4) I saw a forge but nothing to do with it. How about let us gather materials and have a little minigame to forge our own weapon? Just a thought.

5) Dual wielding. ’Nuff said

Pack 2: Quests

1) That Assassin's Guild quest idea was pretty neat. Maybe have us kill a few corrupt officials, a goblin king that his minions are sick of, then get creative and maybe a few others with some edgy themes like a jealous shopkeeper wants to kill his rival or the head of the guild suspects someone's messing with his wife (depends on apple there, I guess), all with heavy reliance on stealth. The addition of poison darts that we can craft (can't buy) would be really cool.

2) Add an Elf Castle! With tons of loot in the keep, archers at the towers etc. the Aven soldiers can come with you and you can hire extra support like troll mercenaries. Really make the loot big.

3) Unleash the skeletons. We'll wander in the meadow after the main quest is completed and see a skeleton and an Aven guard randomly fighting. Maybe have the skeletons and spiders band together, a few of the skeletons could ride the spiders with bows? Let the spiders shoot webbing at you, and have a little minigame to untie/unstick yourself

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