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Suggestion - Mods please let a member know his post was edited

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01-12-2013, 09:09 PM
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In my experience profanity is rather loosely regulated. I get in trouble if, for instance, I were to right now call you an a$$hole or some other personal insult.

The f bomb is automatically filtered, it shows like this 💩💩💩💩.

The S word is rather loose; I've seen Sanuku, Eli and a few mods use it.

Any sexual profanity is pretty taboo.

"Damn" and "hell" both really aren't profanity.

Mods and members accuse each other of "bitching" every once in a while, you probably won't get in trouble for that as long as you aren't purposely trying to be venomous.

That's what I've gathered in my time here. I'm sure each mod has a slighly different set of standards. Case in point: I've seen square use the f bomb with the asterisk, psj seems to have more rigid bent.

But really, TA is a very clean and family-friendly place. Why encourage profanity?

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