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Anyone pick up the new Hollywood Undead CD?

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01-17-2013, 12:37 AM
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Anyone pick up the new Hollywood Undead CD?

I'm not sure what the musical taste is like around here, but I have a feeling Hollywood Undead is not one of the more popular bands here But I still thought I'd ask:

Did anyone else pick up the new Hollywood Undead CD/album? I think it's called 'Notes From the Underground'. It's their third album.

I have to say I really like it, but it's not perfect. It feels like with each CD, the ratio of great songs:mediocre songs grows in favor of the mediocre. On Swan Songs, I think I like pretty much every song on there, especially the last few. American Tragedy was still very strong, but there are a couple I didn't enjoy too much. And now this album... there are a few more I don't like.

But the two songs that I have been listening to non-stop since I bought the album are "Outside" and "Believe". Those songs were worth the full purchase of the album, already, so I suppose I shouldn't complain too much about the other songs I'm not too fond of, haha

Hollywood Undead is one of those bands I can't say I'm proud of enjoying, but I do enjoy them. Even their more ridiculous songs, that completely objectify women, materialism, and celebrity status... Even though the objectification of women goes against my life philosophy absolutely, some of the songs are undeniably catchy. :\ I shouldn't feel bad about liking something, but in this case I kind of do. Better than adoring ICP, I suppose (no offense if anyone here likes them!).

...well this topic kind of went off the rails a little. Let me try to revert it back to the original idea: Have any of you bought the new Hollywood Undead album? If so, how do you like it?

If you don't like Hollywood Undead, you are obviously free to state your reasons here as well.