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Marketing & Development of TrainStation

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01-21-2013, 05:08 AM
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Marketing & Development of TrainStation

Hello guys,

I decided to share our experience with marketing and development of TrainStation. The game is still in production phase and gonna be released in summer 2013. You can check our microsite here.

  • TrainStation has 170k DAU / 500k MAU on Facebook, over 5 million people already played the game
  • We're porting whole game to iOS & Android via Adobe AIR
  • We have strong community in US, UK, GER & AU

What we have done till date:
  • steady 2k visits / day on microsite (for last ten days)
  • 20k gathered emails via microsite in 3 weeks (people who are interested in mobile version)
  • 135k gathered emails via our game portal (general players of TrainStation)
  • 350k gathered emails via Facebook (general players of Facebook)
  • sent early press releases and built a database of reviewers interested in our game
  • an early promotion on game's Facebook page (425k likes) and Twitter (5k followers)
  • Skype with potential Russian publisher
  • Chat with potential Asian publisher at Casual Connect Kyiv
  • Skype calls with AppODay and PlayHaven about potential partnership
  • created a simple Press Kit availaible on microsite
  • created forums on community and gaming sites

What we plan to do in near future:
  • Skype with ChartBoost, TapJoy, AppGratis and AppTurbo
  • Chat with Adobe at upcoming Casual Connect Hamburg
  • Chat with more potential publishers at Casual Connect Hamburg
  • Book a feature in Facebook App Centre during game release
  • Create a video trailer
  • Contact more reviewers

I will try to post regular updates.
If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them. We can discuss any suggestions here as well.