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iPad: Mushroom Wars - The legendary RTS, one of the “Top 25 PSN gamer” RTS coming on Jan,24

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01-22-2013, 06:40 AM
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Originally Posted by MasterChief3624 View Post
...Это очень хорошо.

One question, though: I have experienced a few instances of a seemingly cute game becoming really difficult. I noticed one of the screenshots says something about people of all skill levels enjoying it, but just how difficult can the game get? I really am no good at thinking tactically, and that's why RTS games and I don't mix very well... unless they're based on Halo and/or have a cute aesthetic allegedly... >.>
Hi MasterChief, привет & bonjour

The challenge when making an RTS has always been the difficulty level. Rest assured we've put great emphasis to making a game a _gradually_ increasing challenge and tried our best to introduce the game mechanics as smoothly as possible. Together with Creat Studios we aimed to make this game an enjoyable introduction of the RTS genre to everybody, and we've put extra effort to make it playable on iPad (i.e. we introduced three types of controls for every play style). But only time and players will decide whether we succeeded or not.

I hope this game will give plenty of challenges to everybody. There are three settings: the game starts at Easy, then gradually after learning the game's essentials you'll come to Normal, and then Hard will be available (and that's a real challenge for strategists). It's always up to you what to choose: even if offered Normal as default option you can revert to Easy for practice and then challenge the Normal and Hard.

I'd be thankful if you could PM me your thoughts on game's complexity if you opt to give it a try. I'd appreciate your feedback.

Best regards,