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Help getting my game ideas created.

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01-23-2013, 10:12 AM
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Help getting my game ideas created.

I'm no coder, only an artist. So I cannot put a game together on my own. My question is this, how then do I get it out there? I have the game designed, idea and style all sketched up. What now? Do I contact a developer that I think would be able to build it? Do I post here and hope a Dev will pick it up? What do I do to prevent someone from stealing it? I suppose paying for copyright would be good.

I dunno. The game ideas I have are unique and never have been done. I'm "beast mode" when it comes to designing things, art, story etc. and I know they will be heavy hitters. I just don't know the steps to take in order to track down a team that will build it.

I thought of contacting chillingo, as they publish a lot of people's work and I figured they could get me in contact with some devs. Or simply tracking down a Dev that designed their own game in the style and programming that I think will best suit my games and asking them.

Either way, my question is how can a creator who cannot code get his games out there.

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