App description: Mom is angry, so we ran away.

-------HOW TO-------

Tap : Jump
Flick: Slide
01-23-2013, 03:57 PM
Downloading. Probably junk, but creepy mom, running kids who knows?

Haha! I love it, for what it is.

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01-23-2013, 04:34 PM
*last screenshot* "Mama's hands always warm..." what the he'll is that supposed to mean? Must be poor translation, I hope lol.
01-23-2013, 04:43 PM
lol . . . This app looks hilarious!

Foreign apps with bad translation are some of the best. Some of their game ideas seem completely weird to most Americans and Western culture, but there are some decent ones out there as well. I saw an app from China the other day where the player bashes frog with a bat. I don't get it . . .

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01-23-2013, 06:48 PM
Ehh... Got 3 plays out of it.