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In Fear I Trust - new episodic psychological thriller game (Unreal Engine 3)

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01-23-2013, 10:21 PM
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In Fear I Trust - new episodic psychological thriller game (Unreal Engine 3)

An Unreal Engine 3-powered game from Black Wing Foundation in collaboration with Turn Me Up Games. Do you remember Black Wing Foundation? The guys who are collaborating with Holy Warp in their two upcoming UDK games: Speed Kills and Chaos Domain.

Take a gander at the first screen shots of BWF and Turn Me Up Games’ newest collaboration, In Fear I Trust - a psychological thriller that'll……… On second thought, no, we're not gonna push the heavy marketing bullshit button on this one, it's too good and too early to drop spoilers. Check back after the holidays for details about the first season of our episodic thriller set for iOS devices.
Apparently we may have said something about “checking back after the holidays” for more details about In Fear I Trust - developed with Unreal Engine. Side note: turns out that an internet-promise is still a promise despite Prometheus, Phantom Menace, Duke Nukem Forever #AlmostADecadeToDisappoint... Nonetheless, the team delivered as promised and put together a little something over the break. We hope you enjoy the opening for the first episode of In Fear I Trust. Consider it an introduction to an episodic psychological thriller that'll break you like a bad habit; 1979 never looked so nefarious, let alone on the iPad.
Official screenshots:

Official announcement trailer:

Official ETA: March 2013.

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