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Mame4iOS and Piracy.

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01-28-2013, 05:12 AM
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Mame4iOS and Piracy.

It's funny how most conversations about jailbreaking descend into a war between those who decry it as just outright piracy and those that don't. Especially if said jailbreak topic is to do with emulation.

Now an every so often an app comes along that through a certain loop hole allows that emulation functionality on your clean, 'un-jailbroken' devices and the discussion of piracy is nowhere to be found. There is no guilt to be had anywhere in the App's thread - hey, it's on the App Store? Of course it must be legal!

In fact everyone leaps together to work as a community to uncover which of the pirated games they can download from the Internet and run and which won't work.

As well as that, the App in question gets front page coverage on this website and a little 'wink, wink, nudge, nudge' for any dim-witted would be pirates to realise what they could be using this App for.

I have no problem with the emulation of older console or arcade games. I just find it funny that the website that holds itself as the bastion of game developers, that ridicules the very mention of questioning a game's price tag, let alone getting that game for free illegally, should be such a strong advocate of a tool for piracy.