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Knitted Deer - 2D runner (By Mandragora Team)

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01-29-2013, 02:23 PM
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Knitted Deer - 2D runner (By Mandragora Team)

Hi guys!

We happy to announce our first game, Knitted Deer. Hope you enjoy our alpha gameplay video!

Youtube link | Pop Up

Knitted Deer is an unusual runner brought by indie-game studio The Mandragora Team. The game tells a story of the impetuous and seemingly endless escape of a deer, a former knitted pattern on a sweater. The fabric of his world is literally being torn to shreds as it runs towards salvation, overcoming countless enemies on its path and obstacles designed by the wicked nature of this world. The deer keeps running even though there is no certainty that there is any sort of salvation at the end of the path.


- A unique graphical style. You play on a knitted canvas where all characters are also composed of raw threads.

- Three distinct world: the Earth, Heaven and Hell. The game begins on Earth, and the other two locations can be unlocked based on the player’s actions during the game.

- The player can buy weapons upgrades, passive abilities and consumable power-ups, using coins collected in the game (e.g., for killing enemies or acquiring bonuses).Weapons Upgrades increase duration of weapons. Passive abilities allow the character to survive longer, while power-ups may be used to increase movement speed, activate immortality for a short time, or dispose of all enemies on the screen.

- There is a lot of bonus collectibles scattered among the levels.

- Game offers a high level of replayability thanks to the random challenge generator.

Please let us know if you wanna see something in game, and we'd glad to hear any views about this.

Thanks all and have FUN!

Our Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Ma...01389909999694
Our Twitter - https://twitter.com/MandragoraTeam
YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/Mandrag...?feature=watch

They kinda empty right now, but we just started!

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