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Marketing tips for an Indie

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01-29-2013, 04:48 PM
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Marketing tips for an Indie

Hey guys, I'm pretty new to the whole being a Dev.

I launched my first app which is called Superhero Stickman.

Till now I had about 7k downloads which I think is not that bad.
Most of them about 2K the first time I set the PriceTrier to Free.

I tried it for a couple of times but never got that high again, like the first time.

I've been reading this forum for some days now and learned that I have to contact some Review sites to get more attention. What I was wondering about, the sites I contacted, are asking money for the reviews. Are they really worth spending it or not?

The other part is SocialMedia. I created a little Facebookpage for my game, which is not really working well so far. You can get some information about the game and like it, nothing special.

Any other ideas? Should users be able to post scores via facebook or twitter?
I'm from Germany, and the people I know don't really use such SocialMedia features. How about the US gamers?

I started working on a game Trailer but dont really know what to show, since the game is pretty simple, any advices?

Hope you can help out a little