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Poker Tower - 8-Bit Poker & Match-3 game [Beta testers needed!]]

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01-30-2013, 05:29 PM
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Originally Posted by LordGek View Post
This game, in its current form, is already a hoot and a half!

Draw a line through up to 5 cards to make a poker hand and the cards are removed (at least as I see in the Tower Mode so far). As each hand is scored, the rest of the cards push up from the bottom one space. So on the surface, a bit like Spell Tower but with poker hands. I love how they've even invented some NEW scoreable options to the standard poker rankings. Like a Same Color Straight (not a Straight Flush, but all of the cards are at least the same color) or simply the ability, for very few points, to make a hand of 5 same colored junk for minimal points to score a tiny amount of points (less than even a Pair).

One part not clear yet is how the multipliers work. I think they're earned by making one of the game's higher ranking hands, but am not sure nor do I get how to maintain them once in effect.

On top of this core fun game are all of the game's very fun statistics like average score per hand and other nitty gritty little stats that are just fun to muse over at the end of a game.

Now onto the other game modes!
Thank you really much for you appreciations of the game so far

And yes, you are right about the multiplier : the multiplier doubles each time you score a "High-Grade" hand (Color straight or higher). If you want to know what are the high grade hands, you can go in the help screen, under the section Combinations. Also, you'll hear a different sound when you play a High-Grade Hand!

Once again, thank you for your great review