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I hate being split between Android and IOS.

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01-30-2013, 11:04 PM
Joined: Aug 2011
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I hate being split between Android and IOS.

I prefer IOS due to the amount of games that usually stay on IOS. While Android is making strides, I don't know if it will ever catch IOS as far as my type of games. There are only 2 things Android has that I think about when I'm playing on my ipod touch. No waiting for SNES emulation, and Kairosoft.

With yet ANOTHER new game just out on Android. It's getting rediculous. Kairosoft is pretty much THE reason I got into smartphone gaming. I keep hoping there will be an influx of kairo releases like 4 in 2 months so IOS can catch up. But it's just slipping further away. We might get Beastie bay soon, that's nice. But android just got an apartment simulator dream house days, then they've got Pyraplex, Sushi Spinnery, Kairobotica, and World Cruise story.

No one knows why Kairo seems to have made android their system of choice. But as I look at the dozens of fun little games on my ipod touch. I keep wishing I could play Pyraplex or Sushi Spinnery for a little while. I want to just sell my nexus tab, because I like my ipod touch so much more. And with Gridlee, always having mame on my devices from now on is a huge lift. I just wish for a little more.